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The Silverback Awards, 2022

Experienced creative Alemu Emuron noted at the first Uganda Advertisers Association Silverback Awards that the honors are like fire that melted the best steel. It serves as both a reward for achievement and a spur for agencies to work even harder on their originality. We work in the business of doing unusual things. stimulating the senses to trigger an emotional response and a desired action.

We have a strong track record of innovation as an agency. The creatives who have worked in our firm for more than 20 years have raised the bar significantly and It must increase in height. We will not accept anything less. We approach every brief, every brainstorm, and every execution with that mentality.

We are thrilled to receive the award of Best Print Ad – 2022 at the Silverback Awards which took place at Serena Hotel on 12th November, 2022. This honors our combined creativity and unwavering commitment to artistic quality.

 Tomorrow, Today

Art Director: Kikomeko Joseph and Kizito Yacine

Copywriter: Godwin Uringi, Sonia Humura

Agency: QG Group


Jubilee life insurance is in the business of sheltering people’s futures from life’s uncertainties. Simply put, they help Ugandans plan and effect better futures, now. Hence, we proposed a thematic campaign titled Tomorrow, Today. Simple and easy to remember, the execution nonetheless fully describes the purpose of Jubilee Life, whilst leaving ample room for creative execution across their diverse product range. 

Our challenges were plentiful. Whilst Jubilee Life had enjoyed a monopoly on the market, their decision to adopt a serious marketing communications approach came after primary competitors had launched widespread campaigns. 

Noting that competitors in insurance often adopt fear-based marketing, we acknowledged that such tactics would be counterproductive and ineffectual for a Ugandan market. Ugandans enjoy living in the now, and the only way to entice them would be to appeal to the notion of delayed — yet increased — gratification. We reframed the idea of insurance as paying today for the fulfillment of their wildest dreams and impossible hopes tomorrow.


The artwork takes a now-and-later approach to bring the thematic big idea to life and supplement the copy’s extolment. The pursuit of “The Dream” is universal: the desire for a better quality of life. Whether you live in Manhattan, New York City or Kyaliwajjala, Kampala, you likely want to hone lucrative skills/talents, own a thriving business, get married to the partner of your dreams, build a happy home, raise your children and give them the crème de la crème education they need to prosper, and of course, have enough money remaining to enjoy your old age and leave a legacy that will support your family long after you’re gone. The proverbial life well lived is The Dream achieved.

That is how the Tomorrow, Today campaign was conceived. It is a call-to-action and a motto that encourages us to shape the future by creating a successful working strategy today. Jubilee Life is committed to addressing the future’s uncertainty. Future events are beyond our control, but we can plan for and take steps to minimize them. Our health, our children’s education, our celebrations, our business ambitions, that family home or business constructing, the golden years of our retirement, and many other elements of life covered by jubilee life policies are just a few of the unknowns. By the end of this campaign, you’ll see that life insurance is a crucial component in enabling you to realize the goal for which you’ve been striving so arduously to achieve.

Unique media fusion:

As a printing convention, we used a two-page spread to give the reader a sense of revelation. We used three-quarters of a two-page layout to display artwork and the remaining space to publish an editorial with an interview of the CEO. It was crucial to make good use of the available area. Our goal was to be equally neat, articulate, inventive, and disruptive. We achieved outstanding symmetry in the visual and copy balance, which made us proud enough to nominate this as Newspaper Ad of the Year.

The Jubilee Life insurance Print Ad

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