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Take at the crib

About this Project

When Uganda went into an extended lockdown, UBL faced one of its greatest challenges yet. Ugandans are social people, and with bars, restaurants and gatherings banned, it could have spelled disaster for UBL’s brands. UBL adapted, developing an online platform for ordering and delivery and tasked us with promoting it.

We developed a campaign that would both market their platform and was extremely SOP-friendly, ensuring we remained relevant and influential. We saw an opportunity to convince consumers that just like lockdown would not be the end of UBL, neither would it be the end of fun and enjoyment for UBL customers. If you can’t go to the fun, UBL will bring the fun to you.
Thus, our “Take It To the Crib” campaign.

We wanted to underline that home isn’t just where the fun is, it’s where UBL is. Our creative execution celebrated all the different ways you can enjoy yourself whilst at home and tied the idea of fun, relaxation, and togetherness to the UBL brands. A tusker is enough to make a party of two feel like the wildest rager; A Guinness can Smooth out all the tensions of being caged in.

Our campaign was so successful that UBL adopted it for their other brands, and not just those we represent, and ran the campaign for the duration of lockdown.