Localising a South African Bank

Laugh Case Study:

A single bank operation on Kampala Road used by corporate clients and high net worth clients Seen as “snotty” and “very South African” Bought UCB (Government-owned bank with the largest network)

Negative publicity – fears of retrenchment, asset stripping, acquired against a corrupt previous failed acquisition, Government wanted the sale, the average Uganda thought another setup!


Unleash communication with a 3 – pronged approach

  • Brand campaign that welcomed the low-end consumer yet remained aspirational
  • Promotion campaign that offered rewards to new customers to open accounts at 10,000 Shs
  • Internal staff incentive campaign with branch group incentives to drive sales
  • PR drive to create a positive impact


  • 35,000 new accounts opened in 10 weeks
  • Target of 15,000
  • 400% increase in monthly sales over six months
  • Positive PR coverage
  • Radio and newspaper interviews
  • Internal staff confidence and involvement
  • Brand engagement and excitement