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Go Eazzy

About this Project

Equity Bank’s Digital Banking Suite was never more crucial than during last year’s unexpected lockdown in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, and it was paramount we stayed relevant by reminding customers that whilst the country was closing doors, Equity Bank was busy opening windows.

We needed to communicate the benefits of their digital banking suite; firstly, that this service was perfect for helping them navigate the new normal; and secondly, that it is convenient and on-the-go. Our copy focused on all the things the service allows you to do, both abstractly and practically, all under the banner of Go Eazzy. The various Eazzy products allow you to stay home and keep up.

Our digital campaign relied on unpacking the connotations of Go Eazzy: progress, action, ease and relaxation, all elements that define Equity Bank and defy the mien that COVID-19 and lockdown inflicted upon us all.