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Building Uganda’s biggest brand

About this Project

In 1998 MTN’s brief to us was to get them 5,000 subscribers in 5 years. We created a 3 pronged strategy that consisted of Education, Brand promise and Retails offering. The campaign won the hearts and minds of the country and made our target of 5,000 subscribers in 2 days and went on to win a regional advertising award.

The agency went on to manage the account for 12 years and helping to build Uganda’s biggest and most admired brand. We won pear awards for campaigns such as MTN Zone, Everywhere you Go, World Cup, etc.

The agency also came up with the brand’s signature greeting “Yello” which is used across all the brand’s operations in 22 countries.

MTN Everywhere you go

MTN everywhere you go new car

MTN YelloPix

MTN More than talk

MTN Zone

MTN Zone