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Keeping the Passion Flame Lit

Hey reader,

Happy Love Month! February has been globally accepted as the time we celebrate those who mean the world to us by buying gifts, sending flowers, going on trips and all that good stuff. Love is beautiful. In my opinion, because it’s only you who knows the feeling. We all have a unique definition and expressions of what love is and how it should be.

On a more collective note, one thing we share at QG Group is that we love what we do. We love to create. We love to tell stories. We love to see ideas take shape into mind shifting communications and experiences. But how do we keep the flames of this love burning?  How do we keep passion and purpose alive? Here are 5 things I recommend we all practice so our passions remain invigorated even through the toughest of times:

  1. Remember the mission.

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it.”

A quote from Ethan Hunt, in Mission Impossible, who always has an objective and an end goal. My Mission is to change the African Narrative through Storytelling. Copywriting and Content creation give me a platform to learn, practice, amass experience and build a network that will equip me for my mission. So every time you feel burnt out, remind yourself of why you are doing this. And it helps if there’s a clearly defined Vision and Mission statement. A campus keeps the ship on course.

2. Complacency is not your place.

When you do what you love, like in any love relationship, you can’t get comfortable. You look for ways to spice it up. You challenge yourself. You add value. You read. You scope trends and waves. I love rap music because it evolves. Once you get stuck on “old school rap” you lose your relevance and connection with the younger audience. Grow in your passion. When plants don’t grow, they wither.

3. Scout the competition.

There’s motivation in competition. Healthy competition. I strongly believe my Copy became better when the Writers Council was introduced at QG. When you are put on a team with equally talented unrelenting wordsmiths, you are consequently going to put your best writing hand forward. Steel sharpens steel. Don’t look at external and internal competition as the enemy. Allow it to become the fuel in your locomotion.

4. The herd effect.

Surround yourself with like minded individuals who share your passion. Get a mentor. Someone who has been in the trenches longer will show you the ropes. In turn, your peers will reaffirm your struggles are not only akin to you. Interact and associate. At QG we have the creative check-in every Friday afternoon where creatives converge and conversate. We Talk about everything and anything. If there is a problem, we share and half solve it therein. Find your tribe. They are your support system.

5. On the 7th Day, He rested.

The Bible says the creator of the universe rested on the 7th day. I don’t think because he was tired but rather to take in and marvel at his creation. The concept of rest is to relax. Don’t be afraid to celebrate your wins. Treat yourself. Divert your thinking patterns so when you come back to your passion, you are fresher, stronger and better.

Bless up!

Godwin Uringi is a Senior Copywriter/Content Creator at QG Group.

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