How QG Saved Valentine’s


18 Feb How QG Saved Valentine’s


Movies say Superheroes are meant to remind mortals of their undiscovered potential. Even when they make us doubt if one can really fly or singularly avert world ending disasters, they show us anything is achievable if we work towards it. Thank you for the inspiration Hollywood.

At QG group, we believe Superheroes are ordinary people who do small extraordinary things everyday. Like: open the door for a lady; give up their sit for the elderly; help a child cross the road or give strangers on the streets a hug and a flower on Valentine’s Day.


We took to the streets of Kisementi at 10am on 14th February, 2019 with nothing but smiles and roses. Our task was to bring smiles to strangers’ faces and save Valentine’s Day for those who had no hope in partaking in the festivities of love. And as the pictures tell the story, we did not stop bullets or save the world from Armageddon. We brought joy and warmth to people we didn’t know using humanity’s strongest superpower, love.


IMG_3666IMG_3664 IMG_3660

Happy Belated Valentines day.