Men for Women Emancipation


07 Mar Men for Women Emancipation

It’s only been a century since the Women’s Movement was formed but already, a tremendous amount of progress in gender equality has been achieved and this is truly something worth celebrating.

While the conversation about Women’s Day has always centered the achievements made for and by women and girls- and rightly so-, Women Emancipation has had a positive impact across all genders.

The men of QG Group, especially, understand the importance of Women’s Day on a personal level- atleast half the men in the office hail from female-led households.

To celebrate Women’s Day, the men of QG Group share the ways in which women emancipation has been important in their personal lives:




David, Group Managing Director

I am not disillusioned about the strength of women. All my life, I have grown up around strong women- doing businesses, raising families and actively participating in society and well respected by their communities, so the concept of anything other than women emancipation is very alien to me.

I was raised by a woman- she took my brothers and I through good schools, provided a good life and raised good people. Women are capable, and in a lot of ways, more capable than men- because capability is not just about strength but intelligence.



josh1Joshua, Media Director

My family is dominated by women who have built homes, nurtured families and educated children. I am a direct product of women emancipation.







Eric, Head of Creative

I was raised by a woman who took on the role of the man in my family and educated all her children.

In the work place, women bring a balance to the office and a deeper emotional understanding to issues, which is important.






Ronnie, Graphic Designer

My mother is an educated woman who was able to pay school fees for my sisters; now that my sisters have grown and got their own jobs, they are able to pave the way forward for our younger siblings by paying school fees for them.






Peter, Art Director

My grandmother was a single mother who raised and educated her children on her own; she also taught my mother and her sisters to be emancipated so this is something I have grown up with.

It’s an acceptable fact that women are more capable than men. I have daughter and two boys but she is the boss; and I prefer it this way because I trust women to make the right decisions.




Samuel, Finance Manager

Because of emancipation, my wife is able to contribute to education and home welfare. Also, an empowered woman can challenge you, look after the family incase of anything and improve quality of life.







Christopher, Finance Executive

Emancipated women respond to issues more effectively than men, will ensure that the family is of quality and advocate for the education of the whole family.







Sam, Messenger

Women are many in numbers so if we don’t include them in jobs and activities, it will be a strain on us; we need women emancipation because if women stay behind, development will be low. In addition, men die faster than women so it’s important for them to be able to support themselves and the children.

I’m taking my two girls to school so that they won’t be used by men or educated people. I want them to achieve their dreams, for example, one of my girls wants to be the next Sebutinde.


By Patience Kwiyo