When Have You Felt Most Proud To Be Ugandan?


06 Oct When Have You Felt Most Proud To Be Ugandan?

‘When have you felt most proud to be Ugandan?’

This seems like a straight forward question with a straight forward answer, right?

Apparently, not.

This question, posed to Ugandan employees of QG Saatchi and Saatchi, to promote patriotism during Independence week (Happy 54th, everyone!), revealed one thing: Like all love affairs, the relationship most of us have with our country is complicated and a constant work in progress.

Often it’s fraught with apathy and disappointment yet always anchored by love and a desire for it to do and be better.

It is home, after all, and home is where the heart will always be.

Peter, Art Guardian


I had never really thought about this until I met a European tourist couple in Tanzania a few years ago. I told them that they should visit Uganda to which the man answered by disdainfully dismissing Uganda as a tourist attraction of note in East Africa. I spent the next few moments schooling him about the wonders of Uganda. By the time I was done telling about the great mountains and rivers we have, the tree climbing lions of Ishasha, endangered white Rhinos, mountain gorillas and all that Uganda has to offer, I realised that we have a beautiful country. I was proud to be Ugandan in that moment.

Timothy, Digital Guardian

Uganda is a beautiful country and I’m proud of the fact that we are gifted by nature, however, I  haven’t felt proud of my country because I think we still have a long way to go in order for me to stand proud to be a Ugandan.

Karen, Administrative Guardian


When Kiprotich won, I was so overwhelmed by emotions and joy- here was a Ugandan on a global stage in an undeniable way for the first time in so long. I even cried.

Martin, Digital Guardian

When Uganda qualified for African Cup of Nations 2017, everyone around me broke into celebration but it took me two seconds for the enormity of the moment to really sink in. I couldn’t believe we had done it.

Maggie, Creative Guardian

I tend to feel proud of Uganda when I’m out of the country, in the sense that East or West, home is best.

Ronys, Art Guardian


My favourite moments as a Ugandan was when Kiprotich crossed the finish line at the 2012 Olympics; when we qualified for AFCON 17 and when Uganda Cranes ate (Ka) Togo.

Phillipa, Account Guardian

It’s so hard to be proud of Uganda. My leaders make it so hard.