18 Feb How QG Saved Valentine’s

  Movies say Superheroes are meant to remind mortals of their undiscovered potential. Even when they make us doubt if one can really fly or singularly avert world ending disasters, they show us anything is achievable if we work towards it. Thank you for the inspiration...

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06 Oct When Have You Felt Most Proud To Be Ugandan?

‘When have you felt most proud to be Ugandan?’ This seems like a straight forward question with a straight forward answer, right? Apparently, not. This question, posed to Ugandan employees of QG Saatchi and Saatchi, to promote patriotism during Independence week (Happy 54th, everyone!), revealed one thing: Like...

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19 Jun Fatherhood in the Era of Millenials

If you had a dollar for every think-piece or article written about the curious phenomenon of Generation Y, you would be rich. No generation, in recent history, has garnered as much attention as Gen Y, or as they are famously known, millennials. This is mainly because...

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digital devices

22 Mar Digital strategy – Why your efforts are not paying off

New media presents exciting opportunities for marketers to tell brand stories. From social media, micro sites, mobile apps and rich multimedia content, the possibilities are endless, free to a certain extent, and very measurable with the right digital strategy. With the same, however, comes the need...

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07 Mar Men for Women Emancipation

It’s only been a century since the Women’s Movement was formed but already, a tremendous amount of progress in gender equality has been achieved and this is truly something worth celebrating. While the conversation about Women’s Day has always centered the achievements made for and by...

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